An Open Letter to the Undecided Voters

Dear Undecided Voter,

There are only two things you need to know to make up your mind:

One, Mitt Romney is a liar.  Too harsh?  Nope.  Look it up.  He’s changed his position on almost everything at one point or another.  When he ran for governor in liberal Massachusetts, he said he was “moderate,” even “progressive.”  When he wanted the Tea Party Republicans to vote for him in the primaries, he claimed he was “severely” conservative.  Now he’s trying to convince you that he’s a reasonable, middle-of-the-road kind of guy again.  Don’t believe him.

Two, Barrack Obama saved this country.  Don’t believe that one?  Look at the graph showing where unemployment and every other indicator of our economic health was headed when Obama walked into the Oval Office.  Then look at where those lines are heading now.  Mitt Romney wants you to believe Obama has failed, but that’s another lie.  We know why Mitt Romney wants you believe that.  He told us himself.  (Well, he actually thought he was only telling a bunch of rich donors, but we saw the tape.)  He told that room full of $50,000-a-plate dinner guests and that one hidden camera that he intended to manipulate independent voters into thinking that Obama had meant well, but couldn’t deliver.

But that’s bull.  Look at the actual facts.  We are growing, and we’re growing with better regulations governing the banks, better guarantees for the health of our families, better opportunities for our young people to pay for college, and a better direction on a slew of other issues that matter to the backbone of America.  Obama did deliver.  We’ve turned the corner from the damage caused by the policies and ideas Romney has supported his whole career (not the policies he claims to support when running for office), and now the only thing that can hold us back is you voting the wrong way.


Richard T. Helmling

Non-Democrat who voted for Obama (twice)