I’ve just got to ask, and moms and dads, send the kiddies to their rooms because I feel compelled to use some profanity here:

What kind of bullshit world is this exactly? I mean, we have everything–absolutely everything we should need. We’ve got the tech to fit libraries on the head of a pin. We’ve got medicines to keep us going even after we cut out thyroids and kidneys and god-knows-what-all. We’ve got fields and fields of grain to stuff every mouth on the planet.

We should be frickin’ masters of the universe here. We should be clasping hands and singing kum-bay-ya or something, celebrating how we’ve overcome everything that ailed us–having stamped out the darkness and made life pleasant and full.

But no. We’re trying to figure out whether we should use cruise missiles to blow up some shit in Syria because we’re pretty, relatively, almost sure that some jackass with a title there let some generals who may or may not have been following his orders use sarin gas to exterminate a bunch of civilians.

Civilians! These are people who should be, you know, worrying about whether or not the soup is going to come out well for dinner not, gee, is that sarin I smell? Oh wait, no, it can’t be because it’s an odorless harbinger of death!

What does Bassar or Bashar or whatever his dang name is really want? What does he want power so badly for? I mean, I get Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi. They’re fucking monsters who raped pretty girls because they could and convinced themselves they were demi-gods on Earth because people had painted giant portraits of them (at gun-point).

I can actually understand that. Monster are monsters.

It’s the men killing other people that really gets under my skin. Why? Why do this to people? Is there some end game in their heads where they’re going to be like, yeah, I had to gas some people, but it’s all good now. Is this a political office you can ever feel really secure in after that? Does your ship of state seem to be sailing straight with that little ripple in the ocean behind you?

See, for me, I wonder how people live with themselves when they steal my credit card number (I mean, you’re a fucking parasite on the ass of society, so yeah, you enjoy that four hundred dollar shopping spree at Lowe’s, why don’t you) but this–this is gassing little kids to death. How in the hell do you rationalize that shit to yourself?!?

We’re victims of inertia. Us, them. Syria, America. Iran, Russia. Israel, Palestine. We’re just stuck on a course plotted by archaic and arcane traditions and divisions that are as arbitrary as they are indelible.

I feel like if we could package all our knowledge and wisdom into a capsule and tuck it away with some fresh, unspoiled human seed–some little Clark Kent (and, I guess, a bevy of infant Lois Lanes for him to breed with) that we could blast off toward a new world away from all our mental detritus, all our toxic culture, then maybe, just maybe something beautiful and worthwhile could come from human civilization.

Then maybe it would all be worth it–all these tragedies that can’t be stopped with cruise missiles or with stern talks from presidents about red lines–because it would have just been prelude, like loose skin sloughed off.

Pupae. Nobody worries how ugly, and foul a chrysalis was…once it’s all used up.

  1. Assad is in the same category as Saddam. Brutally repressive. The right thing to do would be this: bring in the international criminal court. bring in the UN. have an actual TRIAL, etc.

    What Obama is proposing is that we skip all those steps, act as judge, jury, and executioner, and do it fast. Anyone who proposes this has no respect for the concept of justice. Anyway what they need is none of the above, they need a policeman to separate the sides, put a stop to the fighting and killing. THEN bring in the judge and jury. let them do their thing. THEN bring in the executioner.

    We can play the part of the executioner. we do it well. The judge and jury stuff, not so much– see Iraq. The policeman part– also not so much. See Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and Iraq.

    It’s an ugly situation. You’re right to bring out the foul language. No words are really adequate. But we don’t have what it takes to fix it. We need to face this fact.

    Based on our track record, we can accomplish a regime change but only with the side effect of increasing the violence. That is what we can bring to the table.

    If we want a peace, we need the U.N. Since Russia and China are against us on this issue, we have to make a deal with them. Give something up. Unfortunately, THAT is the right thing to do. Hardly anyone is talking about doing that.

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