So this will be my 200th post on this blog.

Granted, helmling.com, my little shrine to my own vanity, has existed long before it occupied disk space on the wordpress servers, but still, it seems like a milestone worth celebrating.

So…you know, woo hoo!

Of course, it’s also not a bad time to take stock of my grand experiment in over-blogging once again.

I felt like the news on that front was going to be quite grim indeed. It seems like I haven’t been writing at all lately. (In my defense, I have been writing, but elsewhere on the Interwebs in an endeavor too geeky for me to mention publicly here.) I figured that between my runaway Civ addiction (I’ve been meaning to write about that, too), school starting, and general authorial laziness that I would now be way, way behind. So far behind that not even diving head-long into NaNoWriMo would catch me up come November.

However, the numbers tell another tale. Since January 1st, I have posted 184 times. My pledge was to post five per week (which I later reinterpreted to mean an average of five per week; cut me some slack here) and according to this handy dandy website, we are now 36 weeks into the year. Well, 184 divided by  5 reveals that I have posted enough for 36.8 weeks.

So hey, I haven’t blown my New Year’s Resolution yet after all…yet.

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