More Budget Idiocy

All of America is sick of this sad dance between the Republicans and Democrats. It’s like we’re trapped in an endless loop of They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? Each of us keeps getting swapped between drooling, pudge-bellied old white men in suits (some with American flag lapel pins and some without) who drag us around the dance floor awkwardly hissing sibilantly in our ear his own dogged talking points: “No negotiation” or “We have to defund.”

Listen, let’s just cut the crap.

It’s the Tea Party’s fault.

Plain and simple.

Yes, you can talk about various ways in which a myriad of complex party policies from both sides come to bear and have created this messy impasse, but if you talk long enough like that then you start to sound like one of those people who says that the Civil War wasn’t really “about” slavery.

Bull. It was. Everyone living at the time knew it and we should bring equal clarity to our own screwy present. The big business backers of the Republican party co-opted the grass roots movement that was the early Tea Party and they created a monster they cannot control–one that has polluted the ideologies of the entire American right wing to the point of absurdity.

I know, I know, I’ve said all this before. But what else can I say when they–our elected leaders–are doing the same things they’ve done again and again.

I’ll just repeat my last judgement on Washington from the last time this nonsense happened:

In the next election we need to vote out EVERY SINGLE INCUMBENT and vote in only people who actually believe in civic responsibility, compromise, government, and, you know, DEMOCRACY!

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