Like something off a stupid cat poster
Ugh, Mondays
I’m possessed by this kind of
A sort of existential dread
Shaped like Lego bricks piled atop each other
Floor to ceiling
A certainty that I simply cannot
Much longer

No, any longer
This chair begins to feel iron maiden-esque
The rotting, peeling faux-leather vinyl surface prickly as spikes being twisted in
The meaninglessness
Purposeless anchor drag
A day lived in service of acid-reflux career and Dust Bowl bank account

And in this bargain-rate despair
I think on the inevitability of death
The simple fact that all this must end
Will end
I recoil in horror
Feel it
Bone deep
Lost in an aching spiral of
Dear God, not this
Dear God, all of this
Forever please

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