To Do List for the Nation

It’s 2020, so I’m spitballing here. What should be our priorities for sustainability in the next decade?

-Subsidize solar, wind, and tidal energy.

-Replace fossil fuels with biofuels (but not corn-based ethanol, sorry).

-Establish a plan to shift all (non-medical) single-use plastics to bioplastic.

-Subsidize green roofs.

-Develop a national rewilding program.

-National initiative to improve municipal recycling capacities.

-Shift to only sustainable palm oil in products sold in US.

What else?

So you want some links that actually work?

At some point, something went wrong on the back end of the website where the Internet pipes direct your traffic to where it belongs and as a result none of the PDF links for the Novels or Stories pages worked anymore. Oops! I blame DropBox.

Anyway, that’s all fixed now (I think) so you can enjoy some fiction if you’re so inclined.

So…it’s been a while

It’s been more than six months since I threw out any flotsam and jetsam into the tides of the Internet for the public record. There is a completed novel to show for my hiatus from discourse, but also an ungodly amount of hours logged in Destiny. During this time, I did occasionally write about the issues that I would typically air out here–politics, geekery, etc.–but I never polished those pieces enough to post.

I think, more than anything, 2017 was a year personally defined by a sense of powerlessness. I would write something and then look at it and think, “What’s the point?”

The world has gone so stark raving mad, yet everything I wanted to say about it made me feel like a broken record.

So…what’s changed?

Nothing, really. Trump is still president and he’s proven to be very much what we feared. In addition to his near-daily debasement of the already morally bankrupt American political landscape, Mr. Trump is now apparently running 30% odds of starting a war on the Korean peninsula and getting the nice people of Seoul obliterated.

And yeah, I am pretty powerless to do anything about that.

But the one thing we cannot offer Mr. Trump is silence. He is, after all, listening. Every note of discord rankles his fragile ego (and they call liberals “snowflakes”) and so we must resist all the more. This is a historic chapter in the American republic and if it does mark the beginning of the end for that noble experiment, well then I hope some graduate student laboring at some far-future university studying the era just before the Republic of Gilead comes across an archive including my ranting and raving and, for one brief moment, mentally puts me in the column of “Damn, at least some of them knew what was happening.”

Plus, there’s a new Star Wars movie and Expanse novel to talk about so…


New(ish) Novel Available

It occurred to me yesterday that I never made a complete, edited version of my 2013 NaNoWriMo novel available on the site.

That story, retitled Right of Salvageis now posted under novels. I have not and probably won’t be making it available through Lulu or Amazon, but may post eReader-friendly versions if there’s any demand for that sort of thing at all.

Thanks and enjoy!

Here They Come…

See, this is why I’m not a good blogger.

I went about a month without posting anything here and now I’m getting ready to dump three different things on the web at once.

My process is just too irregular. Ideas come in strange surges at unexpected times. That’s just the way my brain works, I guess, and there’s no point fighting it.

I used to make all sorts of resolutions and pledges to myself–like quitting video games all together, which was sheer madness–because I figured it would make me more productive, but I think I’m finally accepting my process for what it is.

Sometimes the field has to lay fallow for a time, but it will always yield a crop again in the future…in its own time.

So, strap yourselves in. Multiple writings inbound!

A last parenthetical disclaimer, though: I’m still working (and will be for the foreseeable future) on my big literary project (destined to be somewhere in the neighborhood of ten novels) and I’m holding back any serious poetry for possible publication (look for me in Corner Club Press and Arsenic Lobster in the coming weeks) so I’m posting mostly fluff and lighter fare. Sorry for those of you who wanted to be depressed, but you could always go read this. (Get it, the paragraph was loaded with parentheticals while being simultaneously parenthetical to the main post. I’m a genius, right!)