The Boatman has travelled these waters before. He has always known commerce with the tribe upriver is perilous, but it is profitable enough to justify the risk. As they draw near the roughly-hewn huts of the village, he urges his companion to be careful. Say nothing. Don’t look at their women. Let him do all the talking.

A quick trade and then head back downriver to the ship with goods to sell.

This time, though, something goes wrong. So suddenly that the Boatman cannot fathom why, he finds himself without a crew and without cargo, sailing away from disaster looking for something more, for a new course and purpose. In one port, wealthy clients tempt him with a prosperous life of service. In another, an inviting woman offers him a home.

But past the comforts of wealth and the allure of a warm bed, the sea still calls him—beckoning him to the frozen ends of the world.

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You probably think history can only happen one way, but you’re wrong.

In the year 1982–but not our 1982–Newland Armstrong enjoys a pretty ordinary life, despite the constant threat of nuclear war with a Nazi Germany that won WWII and ended up controlling all of Europe.  One day, though, a strange figure reveals an alarming truth to Newland.  History is not right.  Germany was supposed to lose the war.  Something has happened to time and the only person who can go into the past to set things right is Newland himself.

SLINGSHOT–Now available for Kindle

BOOMERANG–Now available for Kindle

ARROW–Now available for Kindle



HORATIO BY THE FIRE (Literary Fiction)

In the waning years of the the eleventh century, as Europe languishes in the Dark Ages, a young nobleman travels to the nascent University of Wittenberg.  There, in one of the few bastions of learning on the continent, he hopes to discover some means of changing his fate.  What he finds instead is a web of stories and secrets surrounding one of the aging professors, a man whose youth was spent in the company of a particular Danish prince who may have been mad, or who may have been the world’s best hope to escape centuries of stagnation for a renaissance of culture and reason.  




JUGGERNAUT (Literary Fiction)

As World War II consumes the globe, disparate souls are swept into the storm, their lives altered by the darkest thread ever woven into human history.  



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