So yet another new home… has been forced to move.

I think this marks its 8th or 9th incarnation since 1997, but it’s the first time I’ve had to move.  (Stupid Apple!)  Usually in the past I’ve relocated or redesigned the site because I’d gotten distracted (Stupid Sid Meier!) and let the site go fallow and grow thick digital weeds of neglect.

I guess that actually happened this time, too.


So, there’s not much here right now.  My most recent (completed) works, the sci-fi series for young readers that I wrote for my kids is available under novels.  I also threw up the same stories that were available on the last incarnation of the site (through some amazing application of cut and paste).

I’ll resurrect old content and put it up over the summer and there are a few stories I’m working on as we speak.  For now, enjoy the one new offering: a little poem below called “Piñata” that is sadly lacking the intended indentations (Stupid html!).



Someday, the well will go dry
There simply will not be anymore sea-foam green granite for your countertop
expect delivery
in four million years
And we will tiptoe,
egg-shell cautious,
Over the papier-mâché skin of the hollow earth
Mourning quietly
Whatever it was that used to fill in the middle of things