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The Year in Review

Faithful followers will note that I haven’t been writing much the last few weeks since NaNoWriMo. Part of the reason was that in lieu of doing any top 10 lists of 2013, I decided to take some time and just read through everything I’ve written this year.

In the process, I realized that I used the same punchline in January as I did a few weeks ago. Nothing new under the sun, I guess.

It was interesting to look back, though, and I’m glad I did all this.  I’ve commented on quite a few of the issues of the day. I doubt there’s much I could say now that would surprise anyone who’s ridden along for the whole ride as I wrote my brains out (perhaps literally). There’s no point pretending I could ever keep my mouth shut, but more and more as I’ve considered posts on issues over the last few weeks, I’ve found that I’ve already said my piece (peace?) in earlier writings. So unless I change my mind about something, like I kind of did with Paula Deen vs. Phil Robertson, I figure: meh. So, basically, I think in the new year, readers can expect more of the same–just less of it.

Most of my writing energy is going to go into revisions for a while. I’ve got a little novel born this November that wants a coat of polish, so I’ll see what I can make of that. Then…well, there’s no shortage of novel ideas in the queue.

I’ll close 2013 by remembering the words over the entrance to the temple: know thyself.

After reading through the emanations of my mind over the last year, I reckon I’m pretty much there. In fact, way back in March, I wrote something that pretty much sums up my place in the cosmos.

Happy New Year, everyone. Take care of yourselves.

Thus Far…

It’s been more than six months since I shoved the gearshift for this site into “overblog” so I thought I’d take a moment to reflect publicly on this little experiment thus far.

First of all, there’s the obvious: it has worked.

Just by making a promise to post five times a week, I have found myself writing much, much more than I ordinarily would have without a major project in front of me. Usually between novels, I just lollygag about, putzing around until I get a fever and have to fulminate through a draft at light speed.

I usually write in surges.

Now, though, I’ve kind of gotten in the habit of shaping ideas into poems or stories or what-have-you on a nearly daily basis. In fact, I’ve kind of stopped paying attention to whether I’m actually meeting the five-a-week. Looking back, though, I’ve made a 142 posts since New Year’s, so I figure that’s a little better than my goal.

The other obvious stuff: I haven’t become a celebrated and lauded author in the process. Not that I expected for a blog to end with me getting a publishing contract, but you know, hope springs eternal. I also have no idea how the readers who do come here find me. Some posts get dozens of hits and some get none. I treat the “tags” on each post somewhat flippantly, and that probably has something to do with it. Also, I know that there’s a certain etiquette of reciprocity in the blogging community–a quid pro quo of likes and views–that I’m frankly neglecting. I do appreciate all of my followers, but I also suspect several of them regret following me after my five-a-week goal begins to grate on their nerves and starts to feel like spam.

And, after over a hundred posts, I’ve clearly had to broaden the range of things I’m posting. I’ve dropped the bucket pretty deep into the well of my own geekery, which I never really used to post about. The up side, though, is that I’ve also pushed myself to experiment a bit more–with prose poems about some of the things I’m reading and much, much more flash fiction than I’d ever imagined I’d write.

So, I may be branching out…or I could be running out of ideas. I certainly think nobody cares what I post about politics anymore because I’ve done so much of it that I think my judgment on any given issue is a foregone conclusion for any regular reader (my daughter in particular urges me not to post “political stuff” any more). I do worry that the week may come when I have zero to say to anybody that I haven’t already said. Hopefully I can make it to November, when I plan to engage in NaNoWriMo, which should put me over my quota for the year.

Maybe when this experiment is over, I’ll do the opposite: Try to stay off the Internet for a year.

After a year off, I’m pretty sure I’d be recharged enough…or maybe if I try I’ll find that the habit has stuck too well and I just can’t shut up.