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Star Trek Into Darkness is not a “Truther” Movie


Hello, all.

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been hard at (pretending to) work on my current novel.

In the course of distracting myself from said novel, I’ve continued surfing the web as usual (wherein “usual” is equivalent to using 97% of the time I should be allocating to actual writing).

And I’ve come across somethingĀ in the geekosphere that I simply must address.

Now, this is going to seem like a kind of silly post, but you probably guessed that from the “Star Trek” in the title. I have, however, noted before two very important things about me and Star Trek: 1) it matters to me, and 2) I think Into Darkness was actually pretty damned good.

Some others (with much, much, much wider readerships), though, have advanced a theory that Star Trek Into Darkness is actually a validation of 9/11 Truther conspiracy theories.

Well, when Cracked said it, I bit my tongue. But now that I just spotted the accusation again, I have to–HAVE TO–weigh in.

So, according to 9/11 Truthers, the September 11th attacks were an inside job, allowed to happen to further America’s imperialistic appetites in the Middle East.

Alright. That’s sick and crazy. (Never explain with vast conspiracies, what simple human hubris can account for.)

In Star Trek Into Darkness, the Enterprise and her valiant crew are nearly sacrificed to cover up the escape of a “terrorist” and to allow a crazed Starfleet admiral to realize his own militaristic goals for the otherwise peaceable Federation.

I can see how someone could get confused there, but here’s what Matt Goldberg over at Collider and the fine folks at Cracked are missing:

The first f’ing movie.

None of the events in Star Trek Into Darkness are a parallel for 9/11. The event that is a parallel for 9/11 was the senseless destruction of the entire planet Vulcan in the previous movie. That was not an inside job, but the act of a vengeful, irrational, genocidal maniac.

The movie is not validating the Truthers who think 9/11 is an inside job, it’s denouncing the hawks who cynically exploited 9/11 to advance a completely different agenda in the run up to war in Iraq.

The movie is an allegory denouncing the excesses of the War on Terror, with clear jabs at drone warfare and WMDs.

I certainly hope that settles that.

Now…what was I supposed to be doing again?