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Liar, Liar

One of the darkest ironies of the recent anniversary for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was that recently key provisions of the Voting Rights Act were nullified by a Republican-dominated Supreme Court. The very protection that King and countless others marched for is being rolled back today, fifty years after the historic march.

Worse still, Republican legislatures at the state level have used the free reign granted by the Supreme Court to begin waging campaigns to require picture IDs for voters. The purported reason for these campaigns is to stamp out the plague of voter fraud not gripping this country.

This assault of voting rights is so bold in its dishonesty that it’s literally difficult to believe that even the most cynical politician could make these statements with a straight face.

Studies have shown that voter fraud is not a problem. Given improved data resources, it’s much harder to register as a dead person or any of the other gambits that used to be deployed by crooked organizations bent on swinging elections their way. Those efforts, one must point out, were used as dirty tricks on both sides of the aisle throughout our republic’s long and illustrious history. Now, though, it is only one party that is concerned about the problem today–a problem we know does not actually exist.

So, if their stated reason for these campaigns is fictional, we must wonder what the real motivation for the Republican party to fight so hard to limit access to the ballot box is.

We don’t have to wonder long.

Who is less likely to have a picture ID and be less likely to be able to vote given the Republican push for identification? Urban minorities. Those pesky young people. All likely Democratic voters.

The shamelessness of this campaign is just the latest in the despicable decline of Republican principles. Their party is slipping further into the grip of dogmatic ideologies even as the demographics of the nation shift against them and the only thing they can think to do to reach out to voters is to slap back the hands of those who would vote against them.

The great irony in all this is that voter fraud is not committed by individuals. One person doesn’t go out of his way to cast an illegal vote. One vote isn’t significant enough to merit the risk, a risk that would be compounded if every potential fraudulent voter was individually digging up the information about identities that might be assumed. No, voter fraud is organized by groups greedy for power, willing to do anything to hold on to it even if the electorate has ruled against them and their agenda.

So logic and history tell us that it’s motivated groups looking for power who commit voter fraud.

And there’s only one force in contemporary American politics dishonest enough and whose motivations run contrary to the democratic will enough to commit voter fraud.

If this campaign to keep African-Americans, Hispanics, and college students away from the polls fails to gain them any ground, then I think we know what strategy the Republicans will turn to next.